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The difference between DTY and FDY and POY

Author: admin / 2021-09-18
POY is pre-oriented yarn, full name: PRE-ORIENTED YARN or PARTIALLY ORIENTED YARN.
Refers to incompletely stretched chemical filaments with an orientation degree between unoriented filaments and drawn filaments obtained by high-speed spinning. Compared with undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation and good stability. It is often used as a special yarn for stretched false twisted textured yarn (DTY).
DTY is stretched textured yarn, full name: DRAW TEXTUREDYARN. It is made by using POY as raw silk, which is processed by stretching and false twisting. Often have a certain degree of elasticity and contractility.
FDY: Fully stretched silk. Full name: FULL DRAWYARN. The synthetic fiber filament is further obtained by spinning and drawing.
The fiber has been fully stretched and can be directly used for textile processing.

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