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Faux fur: our products cover a wide range of industries including garment, home textile, toy and all kinds of plush decoration. POY: can be made into DTY, which is suitable for knitting industries.
Ningbo Hongda Plush Co., Ltd. is professional China Print & Tip-dying Plush Fur Manufacturers and wholesale Print & Tip-dying Plush Fur Factory. Our company also produces all kinds of artificial plush products, product design novel, stable production, reliable quality, widely used in clothing, home textiles, toys, shoes, hats and all kinds of plush decoration. The company’s main products are imitation animal hair and all kinds of printing, fading, Maojian color, and other products. The products are mainly exported to the Europe、the United States、South Korea、Taiwan、the Middle East and other countries and regions, as well as domestic large-scale garment home textile production. My company's corporate purposes: integrity-based, quality, is our commitment forever.

about us

about us

Ningbo Hongda Plush Co., Ltd. is famous China Fake Fur Manufacturers and Wholesale Long Pile Faux Fur Factory. We are Print & Tip-dying Plush Fur manufacturer.The company specializes in producing POY,main products with light series of evanescent hues、semifinished evanescent hues series、flame retardant、extinction、cationic, etc., POY could be made into DTY, which is suitable for the knitting industry. Our company also produces all kinds of artificial plush products, product design novel...
  • 20 +


  • 200 +

    Corporate employees

  • 10 million

    Annual output

  • Customization

    We have more than 20 years of production experience, advanced equipment and a strong R&D team and we can develop and produce.

  • Cost

    We have our own dye factory for producing faux fur, so we can finish production faster and have the advantage of price.

  • Quality

    We have advanced equipment and experienced technicians for many years, which can ensure the quality of the products.


Print & Tip-dying Plush Fur Industry Knowledge Extension

How about Print Plush Fur?

"Print Plush Fur" typically refers to a type of synthetic fabric material that has a plush or furry texture and features a printed design on its surface. This material is commonly used in the production of stuffed animals, blankets, and other soft and cozy items.

If you are interested in purchasing or using print plush fur, you can typically find it at fabric stores or online retailers that specialize in fabrics and crafting supplies. When selecting print plush fur, consider factors such as the quality of the material, the size and scale of the print, and the color and design of the pattern.

When working with print plush fur, it's important to take care when cutting and sewing the material to ensure that the fur does not get matted or damaged. You may also need to take special care when washing and drying the material to prevent damage or discoloration.

How is Tip-dying Plush Fur used?

Tip-dying is a process of dyeing the tips of fur fibers to create a gradient or ombre effect. Plush fur is a type of synthetic fur that has a soft and fluffy texture. Tip-dying plush fur is a popular technique used in the production of various products such as stuffed animals, blankets, hats, scarves, and clothing.

Tip-dying plush fur is used to create a more realistic or interesting look, adding depth and dimension to the fur. The gradient effect achieved by tip-dying can make the fur appear more natural, mimicking the way that fur often appears darker at the base and lighter at the tips. Tip-dying can also be used to create more visually interesting color combinations, such as a gradient of blues, pinks, or purples.

Additionally, tip-dying plush fur can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of products. For example, a stuffed animal with tip-dyed fur can be more eye-catching and appealing to children and adults alike. Tip-dyed plush fur can also be used to create unique and fashionable clothing items or accessories.

Overall, tip-dying plush fur is a versatile technique that is used to enhance the appearance of various products, making them more visually interesting and appealing.

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