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What are the characteristics of the structural design of artificial fur

Author: admin / 2023-12-11
The structural design of artificial fur must take into account the properties of the material, comfort and sustainability while maintaining fashionability.
Material Properties and Selection
fiber type
Choosing the right fiber type is critical to the structural design of faux fur. Different fibers have different softness, elasticity and warmth. Designers need to choose the appropriate fiber according to the use and fashion style of the product.
Coating and processing
Faux fur often undergoes surface treatments, such as coatings and printing, to add texture, simulate the luster of animal hair, and enable designers' creativity. These coatings and processes require a combination of fiber types to ensure they add artistry to the look without compromising comfort.
structural design
tailoring techniques
Cutting technology is a crucial part of the structural design of artificial fur. With clever cuts, faux fur products can be created in different shapes, contours and lines. Designers need to consider factors such as fiber directionality and hair flow to ensure that the final product looks as designed.
Plate design
For large-area artificial fur products such as coats and scarves, the plate design needs to be carefully crafted. Designers must consider the overall structure of the product, including the design of collars, cuffs, hems and other parts to ensure overall coordination and comfort.
Lining design
Lining design is critical to the comfort of faux fur products. Reasonable selection and design of lining materials, such as silk, velvet, etc., can improve the wearing comfort of the product and prevent the generation of static electricity.
Among artificial fur products in cold seasons, the choice of lining is directly related to warmth retention. Designers need to consider choosing the right thermal lining without compromising the appearance.
Structural details and decoration
Sewing process
For the structural details of artificial fur, the sewing process is a crucial link. High-quality sewing technology can enhance the durability of the product and ensure that details are not easily detached or damaged.
decorative elements
Decorative elements such as buttons, zippers, neckline designs, etc. are also important considerations in structural design. These elements not only affect the overall appearance of the product, but are also directly related to the structural stability and functionality.

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