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What are the common types of artificial fur fibers

Author: admin / 2023-12-04
The texture and performance of artificial fur depend primarily on the type of fiber used. Designers and manufacturers need to consider factors such as softness, durability, color retention and more when selecting fibers.
Softness: Polyester fibers can be specially treated to achieve a soft and comfortable texture that simulates the feel of natural fur.
Durability: It has high durability and is not easy to wear and deform.
Color retention: Easy to dye, good color retention, not easy to fade.
Polyester is often used for the outer layers of faux fur, such as coats and scarves.
Wool feel: Acrylic fiber has the wool feel of natural fur and is suitable for imitating the appearance of animal hair.
Warmth retention: It has good warmth retention and is suitable for clothing in cold climates.
Acrylic is often used to make warm products such as fur coats, hats and gloves.
Acrylic fiber (Polyacrylonitrile)
Realism: Has a high level of realism and can be used to imitate the appearance of natural hair.
Color Options: Easily dyeable and available in a wide range of color options.
Acrylic fibers are often used to make faux fur clothing and accessories, providing more options for fashion designs.
Elasticity: It has good elasticity, making artificial fur products more comfortable and comfortable to wear.
Water resistance: Polyurethane usually has good water resistance and can be used to make waterproof products such as raincoats.
Polyurethane is often used to create the base or waterproof layer of faux fur, adding to the product’s versatility.
Wear resistance: Nylon has excellent wear resistance, increasing the service life of artificial fur products.
Strength: Has high strength, making the product more durable.
Nylon is often used to make linings for faux fur or in products that require greater strength, such as handbags and footwear.

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