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What are the considerations in designing faux fur linings

Author: admin / 2023-12-25
The lining design of faux fur plays a vital role in the overall comfort, warmth and style of the product.
Lining material selection
The choice of lining material is directly related to the comfort of the product. Common lining materials include silk, velvet, flannel, etc., which can provide a soft touch and avoid discomfort caused by friction with the skin.
In order to prevent discomfort caused by moisture and airtightness, the lining material needs to have a certain degree of breathability to ensure that air can circulate freely and not feel stuffy when worn.
Design structure and tailoring
The lining design needs to consider ergonomics and reasonably arrange the tailoring and structure of the clothing to make the overall wear more in line with the curves of the human body and increase wearing comfort.
The lining should fit well with the faux fur outer layer to not only maintain a smooth overall look but also enhance wearing comfort.
Warmth performance
Thermal lining material
In cold climates, thermal performance becomes an important consideration in lining design. Commonly used thermal lining materials include flannel, flannel, wool, etc., which can effectively improve the wearer's warmth in cold weather.
Hierarchical design
By rationally designing the hierarchical structure of the lining, warmth can be improved without increasing the feeling of heaviness. For example, using a sandwich design allows a layer of air to act as insulation between the inner and outer layers.
Anti-static design
Anti-static lining material
Artificial fur is often prone to static electricity, so anti-static lining design is necessary. Choosing materials that are not prone to static electricity, such as silk, polyester, etc., can effectively reduce the possibility of static electricity.

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