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How to maintain plush fabric

Author: admin / 2021-09-18
How to maintain the plush fabric? The price of plush fabrics in clothing fabrics is relatively expensive, and this fabric is not easy to take care of. There are many problems in washing and maintenance. So how to solve these problems? The following editor will explain some maintenance issues about plush fabrics.

1. Maintenance

  Fleece fabric clothing is worn for too long, it will produce elastic fatigue. It is not easy to get back to the original state. Causes the clothes to be out of shape and deformed. So after wearing it for a period of time, let it take a proper rest. Only in this way can the elasticity of plush clothing be well maintained.

How to maintain plush fabric

Second, washing

   Plush clothing is not suitable for soaking in cold water for too long. The soaking time needs to be controlled according to the color and dirt of the clothing. The temperature during washing should not be too high. Generally, it is soaked in water below 40°C, which can prevent the felt and elasticity of plush products from decreasing.

    Use soap flakes or neutral detergent before washing. Generally speaking, soap flakes are used for worsted or light-colored clothing, and washing powder is used for woollen or dark-colored clothing. When washing, do not use a scrubbing board to scrub, let alone beat it with a wooden club. Brushing and rubbing a lot should be used. The washing time should not be too long to prevent the fibers from interlocking and produce felting (that is, rolling felt). When brushing, you should face the lines, and don't use too much force. Do not wring after washing, squeeze out the water by hand and drain. Choose a cool and ventilated place for drying, and do not expose it to strong sunlight to prevent the plush fabric from losing its luster and elasticity. Let the clothes dry until they are half dry, and then undergo another plastic surgery. Place the shoulders, chest, pocket cover and other places with one hand inside and the other hand pat a few times in the field. Gently stretch the cuffs, front flaps, and trousers so as not to cause wrinkles for easy ironing.

Three, collection

   When storing plush clothing, it is necessary to remove the dust first. The best way is to dry clean once, because the dry cleaning agent perchloroethylene has a strong bactericidal and insecticidal effect. It can disinfect the clothes while improving the cleanliness of the clothes.

   plush clothing fabrics are relatively hygroscopic, so your hands should be ventilated and dried as much as possible on rainy days. Prevent mildew. Be sure to avoid strong sunlight when drying. Or just expose the reverse side to avoid fading of the clothing. Remember to put in the insect repellent when putting it in the closet to ensure the safety of the clothes.

   Plush fabrics are relatively high-end clothing, so even if you take them off, don’t put them away randomly, to avoid losing the shape of your clothes. Especially for long-pile garments, they are more afraid of pressure. Therefore, the best way to maintain this type of clothing is to hang it for storage.

When wearing plush clothing, you must be careful, even if there is a small hole, it must be repaired in time, and try to avoid enlargement.

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