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Winter pillow toy dolls are pretty Plush products: there are hidden worries under the cute appearance

Author: admin / 2021-09-18
Winter is here, and the reporter saw in shopping malls, supermarkets and street shops that plush products are very popular. As big as cute plush dolls that decorate the home, as small as woolen gloves, woolen scarves, etc., they look warm and mellow. But under the cute appearance of these plush products, are there hidden hidden dangers?

   Inferior plush products: glamorous, but fragile

   In some night markets and street shops, there are many kinds of plush products such as toys, scarves, socks, and gloves. The reporter saw a pair of "wool gloves" at 10 yuan and a pillow-sized plush toy at a stall in the Wuchang night market yesterday. A student looking like a student said: "Winter is here, buy a velvet doll as a pillow, which looks good and keeps you warm." The reporter randomly picked a scarf, but found no explanation of its ingredients. A college student from Hua University of Science and Technology told reporters that she bought a fluffy pillow at the night market. After a few days of using it, she felt itchy all over, and she didn't dare to use it again. The staff of the Fiber Products Law Enforcement Section of the Provincial Fiber Inspection Bureau said that in the market law enforcement, they can often check out a lot of cute but "bad" plush products. "Many pillows and stuffed toys are filled with black hearts. cotton'". When the reporter checked with the law enforcement officers, he also found that the cute doll, when taken apart, contained black thread, cloth, cotton yarn, etc. Law enforcement officials said: “Some of them contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which can cause tears and spots on the contacts, and in severe cases can induce skin diseases and other infectious diseases. The long-term use of them is not small.”

   pay attention to the ingredients when purchasing, indicating that the regular shopping malls are more secure

   The "Measures for the Quality Supervision and Management of Fibre Products for Flocculation" that my country has implemented requires that scraps, rags, etc., should not be used as raw materials for living fiber products. When consumers buy plush products, they should pay attention to whether the products are "three noes", whether the label is marked with the description of the fabric composition, the manufacturer, etc. In some counters of large shopping malls and supermarkets, the reporter asked and learned that the products cannot be put on the shelves without quality certification. As plush products will inevitably come into contact with the human body, it is best for citizens to go to large shopping malls and supermarkets to buy regular and qualified products, and not to affect their health because of greed for cheap. Professionals suggest that when buying plush products, you can open the package and smell it to see if there is any odor and whether it irritates the eyes. Regular and qualified toys should have no special odor, and try not to buy odorous toys.

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