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Differences And Similarities Between Polyester Yarn And Nylon

Author: admin / 2022-08-12

Different specific gravity, Polyester Yarn is not easy to wrinkle, and stiff, good dimensional stability, good shape retention, nylon color yarn is not good in shape retention, no polyester silk is stiff, easy to deform, polyester silk melting point is 260 ℃, ironing temperature can be At 180℃, the heat resistance of nylon colored yarn is not good enough, the ironing temperature should be controlled below 140℃, the low-temperature resistance is good, the nylon colored yarn has high strength, good elastic recovery ability, excellent wear resistance, moisture absorption, and dyeing properties Both are better than polyester yarn.

Nylon: The luster is relatively dull, the color is not bright, the hand feel is relatively hard, and the fabric will have creases after being folded, but it can slowly return to its original state.

Polyester: The luster is brighter, but the softness is not very strong. It has a flashing effect, feels smooth, and has good elasticity. After the fabric is folded, it will recover quickly, there is no crease, and it is not easy to tear.

Similarities between polyester and nylon:

They are all synthetic fibers in chemical fibers, with high strength, good wear resistance, poor air permeability, stuffy and uncomfortable to wear, and easy to generate static electricity. They are widely used in clothing and industrial purposes.

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