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How To Cut Faux Fur Fabric?

Author: admin / 2022-07-22

You might be tempted to cut faux fur fabric with a cutter, but knitted knits are very strong and can be quite complicated. A pair of sewing scissors will do, just follow these tips for the perfect cut

The two biggest fears when shearing is:

Cut errors create waste, and the fabric is relatively expensive.

Cut the hair to make the seams less pretty.

To get around this, here's how to do it:

Only use sewing scissors that are in good condition and have undamaged blades.

It's best to put yourself on a rug pad, which will keep your hair from flying all over the place.

Put the fur on the ground and weave it in front of you.

Along your line, insert the lower blade of the scissors into the fur as little as possible, this will avoid cutting too much hair.

Slowly, make small, continuous cuts until you are done cutting.

Cut your main coupon and do it slowly so your hair doesn't fly all over the place.

You may see some hair fall out after the cut, this is normal, they were cut with scissors. To remove them, "pull out" along your incision, you just have to pull them with the small handle, don't pull too hard, all the clipped hair will come off easily. Those that are not cut will stay fully set, no worries.

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