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How To Protect Your Fur Fabrics?

Author: admin / 2023-02-17

The biggest danger facing Fur Fabrics

Unlike natural fur, faux fur is completely impervious to insects such as moths. It does not suffer from drying out of the leather or hair loss. What threatens it the most is wear and tear! Friction is the worst enemy of faux fur.

What is this friction? They are done every day and by repeating them over and over they will get to the end of the most luxurious furs, here are examples of worn areas of clothing:

Elbows and arms when leaning on a table
end of sleeve rubbing wrist
arm rub armpit
Back and hips while sitting
Rubbing the inside of the collar against the neck
Friction between shoulder and handle
While some of these conditions are hard to avoid, certain habits can keep your fake fur in perfect condition for years!

The best advice is never to drive in fur. In addition to being a danger to your safety (restriction of movement, risk of getting caught in sleeves, failure of the seat belt), you are also seriously signing on to your Execution warrant for Beautiful Fur. transport, the result is the same).

Our advice also applies if you're wearing a fur-lined hooded jacket. Stuck on your back, the raw edge will rub repeatedly every time you sit down, and its lifespan (and visual appearance) will suffer severely while being squashed.

The reflex in adoption is to always get off his fur when you have to sit down. For example, if possible, you can still put it on your lap and enjoy its soft warmth. This advice alone can prevent 90% of fur abrasion symptoms.

The heat is also dangerous!

Another enemy to avoid: heat sources! Aside from being dangerous to your health, definitely avoid smoking while wearing fur (the collar can get burned), and don't put it in the dryer anyway. The extremely dry air heated up by a tumble dryer can burn the tips of the hair and give them a decidedly unflattering visual appearance, causing them to lose all its softness. The dryer is the real enemy of fur, even in cold environments, as repeated rubbing against the surface of the tumbler can wear down the tips.

To give you an idea, here's what it looks like (careful, only one tumble dryer pass can cause this):

washing? To be controlled!

Remember, the only solutions that won't damage synthetic fur are professional dry cleaning, and cold washing at home (same as wool). Since two preventive measures are better than one, once again, never, ever dry out. An air dryer can effectively dry your fur without damaging it.

Stored, often forgotten!

Synthetic fur is worried about being too tight for storage. So, to avoid crushing your hair, if you hang your fur in a closet, make room for it. If you must fold your fur lattice, do not press it too tightly.

In fact, synthetic hair is afraid of being crushed and has a hard time getting back into place after such treatments. In this case, your fur won't be particularly frayed, but its visual quality and softness will be greatly reduced... make sure the hair is laid flat and avoid wrinkles so that even if stored for a few months, your fur will last in cold weather Impeccable first day!

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