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How To Sew Faux Fur In 4 Steps?

Author: admin / 2022-07-15

How to sew faux fur in 4 steps?

1. The first secret to successful sewing: Be prepared for work.

Prepare your work by always working on the support side. Our faux fur fabric won't fray, so there's no need to cover the edges of the fabric.

Place the first pin and use a small ruler to push the hair inside the seam. To do this, follow the direction of the arrow on the photo and place the second pin 3 to 5 cm away from the first pin.

Then push the hair back and place a new pin.

Do this along the entire edge you want to stitch.

Don't hesitate to work slowly and place many pins. The more pins you have, the more perfect your sewing will be.

2. The second secret to sewing success: work gently.

Place your creation under the presser foot of the sewing machine and choose a straight stitch length of 3 to 5. Start sewing a short section and push the hair back into the seam very evenly as you remove the pin.

To make a perfect seam, you have to move forward very slowly, stopping every 3 or 5 cm. Push the hair back, pull the needle, sew, push the hair back, pull the needle, etc.

3. The third secret to successful sewing: no bad surprises!

After sewing, cut the thread. Remember to stroke all seams with your hands to make sure you have removed all stitches. They are invisible due to the thickness of the fur, and they may give you an unpleasant surprise when you put your jacket on!

4. The fourth secret of sewing success: pay attention to the finishing work.

Truly Perfect Seams: Flip your work over and pick along the seams. This will allow you to remove the last trimmed hair that hasn't been shed. You can also brush a velvet trimming brush along the seams to remove the final hairs.

Then, using a needle, pull out the last strand of hair that will get caught in the seam. Finally, comb the seam hair with a simple brush to smooth out the curls at the seam for a flawless look.

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