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How is the coating treatment of faux lamb fur achieved

Author: admin / 2023-11-20
The coating treatment of Faux Lamb Fur is one of the key links in its manufacturing process, which directly affects the appearance, feel, durability and other properties of the final product.
Choice of base coating
The first step in coating treatment is selecting an appropriate base coat. Typically, this base coating is composed of a polymer material such as polyurethane (PU) or a polyurethane-polyester blend. These polymers were chosen because they offer good softness, abrasion and crack resistance while providing a natural wool-like feel and appearance.
Adding colors and effects
To simulate the look of natural wool, color and effects are often added to the base coat. The color of the coating can be adjusted according to design requirements, from classic wool white to stylish mixed tones. In addition, by adding special effect agents such as sequins or metallic particles, imitation wool fur can be given a more unique luster and texture.
Dye fixation and stabilization treatment
To ensure color persistence and stability, the coating may need to undergo a dye fixation and stabilization treatment. This can be achieved by adding a dye fixative to the base coat, ensuring that the color is less likely to fade or change during use and cleaning. This step is one of the keys in the coating process and is directly related to the color retention and durability of the imitation wool fur.
Texture and finish
Coating treatments can also tailor the look of faux wool fur with different textures and finishes. For example, by adding texturing agents to the coating or using special coating technology, the subtle texture and softness of wool can be simulated, making wool-like fur closer to the touch of natural materials.
electron beam processing
In order to improve the antibacterial properties, wear resistance and overall performance of imitation wool fur, electron beam treatment is usually performed after the coating treatment. This step involves the use of electron beam radiation, which causes the coating to adhere more firmly to the fiber and improves its physical properties. This is essential to improve the quality and longevity of imitation wool fur.
Clear layer and coating adjustments
Depending on the needs of the design, coating treatments may also include adding a clear layer or making other coating adjustments. The clear layer increases the sheen of the faux wool fur and provides additional protection to its surface. Coating adjustments may include adjusting the thickness, hardness and viscosity of the coating to meet the feel and appearance requirements of different products.

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