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How to cut and finish faux lamb fur

Author: admin / 2023-11-27
Cutting and finishing Faux Lamb Fur is a critical step in the manufacturing process, which directly affects the shape, size and overall appearance of the final product.
cutting process
Selection of cutting equipment:
Before cutting Faux Lamb Fur, manufacturers need to select appropriate cutting equipment. Common equipment includes electric cutters, laser cutters or electron beam cutters. Choosing the right equipment depends on the product specifications, design requirements and production scale.
Cutting mold design:
Manufacturers typically design cutting dies to ensure that each piece of Faux Lamb Fur has a consistent shape and size. The design of the mold takes into account the overall structure of the product, grain direction, and desired pattern to meet the requirements of the designer and the market.
Cutting operation:
Once the cutting equipment is selected and the cutting mold is designed, the Faux Lamb Fur roll is placed on the cutting table and the fur is cut into the desired shape according to the contours of the mold through precise cutting operations. Cutting operations require a high degree of precision to ensure each product meets the designed standards.
Organizing and pruning
Unkempt hair:
Cut Faux Lamb Fur may have uneven hair length or texture. Finishing operations include trimming the fur to give it a neater and more uniform appearance. This may involve manual operations or automated equipment to ensure a consistent appearance for each pelt.
Edge trimming:
Edge trimming is an important step to ensure that the edges of each piece of Faux Lamb Fur are neat and lint-free. This can be done with knives, edgers or other specialized equipment to ensure a more refined look to the product.
Inspection and Quality Control:
After the finishing and trimming process, each piece of Faux Lamb Fur needs to undergo strict inspection and quality control. Inspections include evaluation of the fur’s color, length, density, surface defects, etc. to ensure that the product meets design and market standards.
Polishing and retouching
In order to improve the appearance of Faux Lamb Fur, some manufacturers may perform a polishing operation. This can be achieved by using special polishing equipment or adding polishing agents to make the surface of the product smoother.
The retouching operation aims to make Faux Lamb Fur more lustrous, soft and comfortable. This may involve the use of softeners or other treatments to enhance the feel of the product and bring it closer to the feel of natural wool.
Packaging and final inspection
Once cutting and finishing is complete, the Faux Lamb Fur will be carefully packaged to prevent contamination or damage during transportation and storage. Packaging usually takes into account the shape, size and quantity of the product, ensuring that the product remains in optimal condition before being delivered to the end user.
final test:
Before packaging, final inspection is the last hurdle to ensure product quality. During the final inspection, color, shape, size, overall appearance, etc. are thoroughly inspected to ensure that each piece of Faux Lamb Fur meets high quality standards.

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