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What is the purpose of chemical treatment of faux lamb fur

Author: admin / 2023-11-06
Chemical treatment of Faux Lamb Fur is an important step inside the fiber practise level. It adjusts the houses of artificial fibers via the use of different chemical substances and treatments to satisfy the layout and performance requirements of the very last product.
Use of softeners
Softeners are a category of chemical compounds used to make fibers softer. In the manufacture of Faux Lamb Fur, softeners are often used to improve the feel of imitation wool. These chemicals can penetrate into the molecular structure of artificial fibers, making them softer and more cushty.
Application of elastic agent
Elastomers are frequently used to growth the elasticity of fibers so that the final product has higher restoration and form memory. This is vital for the sturdiness and look of imitation wool products to be maintained. The choice and use of elastomeric agents needs to be tailored to the requirements of the product design and fiber kind selected.
Addition of flame retardants
In a few special-cause Faux Lamb Fur merchandise, flame retardants may be introduced to improve the product's hearth resistance. This is essential for programs that require compliance with unique protection requirements, which include use in furniture or ornamental objects.
Anti-static remedy
Since artificial fibers are without difficulty charged, in order to enhance the consolation of the product and prevent the technology of static power, they can be dealt with with anti-static marketers. This allows prevent the product from inflicting pain or attracting dirt at some point of use.
Application of waterproofing and antifouling dealers
In some particular software scenarios, as a way to improve the water resistance and stain resistance of wool-like products, water-proof and anti-fouling dealers may be brought. This treatment protects the product from moisture and stains, extending its life.
Shade fixative
To make sure that the dyed color is lengthy-lasting and proof against fading, coloration fixatives are often used. This chemical binds the color firmly to the fiber after dyeing, improving the color balance of the product.
Harmless treatment
When considering the environmental protection and human protection of the product, chemical processing wishes to conform with relevant rules and standards. This can also encompass the use of environmentally pleasant chemical substances or special processing during the producing method to reduce the effect at the surroundings and humans.

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