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What Is Long Pile Faux Fur?

Author: admin / 2022-11-25

long Pile Faux Fur is a fabric that looks like real animal fur. It's usually made of polyester, woven to look like animal fur. There are also faux fur accessories that look like real furs, such as gloves and headbands. This is why faux fur is also sometimes referred to as "faux fur".

Fur is known to be one of the ways wild animals protect themselves from harsh weather such as cold winter blizzards. For a while, humans took advantage of this fact to skin animals for warmth.

In hindsight, it was very selfish of us. Today, we are able to avoid harming animals and still use the same fur philosophy to take warmth to the next level. Known as "faux fur," we can now eliminate the need to kill animals so we can have warm coats, boots, and more.

Reasons why artificial fur is better than animal fur

Today, we no longer need to harm animals for warmth. Apart from that, there are many benefits of using faux fur. Below, we'll cover the top reasons why you should buy faux fur clogs instead of animal fur boots.

1. They don’t use animal fur

they don't use animal fur

Sooner or later, we need to realize that animals are creatures just like us. So we do need to bring them pain and death for temporary comfort. This is one of the main reasons faux fur clogs are starting to get attention.

With a pair of faux clogs, you can still have the warm wool fiber feel without buying real fur to keep you warm. Best of all, you can use faux fur instead of real fur for the same (if not better) warmth.

2. They keep warmer than real fur

Faux fur is often criticized by critics as not being as warm as real fur. However, the only reason that might be the case is that the thick undercoat is also harvested directly from the animal. When you're shopping for a pair of well-made faux clogs, they'll usually keep you warmer than real fur slippers.

Contrary to what you may be told, faux fur is generally warmer than real fur. It is not only the fur that really tests the insulation, but also the material under the fur. So don't think that animal fur is inherently more insulating!

3. They are more durable

Animal fur is more prone to wear and tear than faux fur. This is because the synthetic materials used to make faux fur clogs are generally more durable than real fur clogs. So if you need a legitimate reason to switch to faux fur, this might be it!

4. Easier to maintain

When it comes to upkeep, faux fur is a breeze. Such fabrics require less care and attention, and they barely shed. Once you start wearing them, they don't go away. You'll quickly find that cleaning and maintenance are much easier.

5. More affordable

Why spend hundreds of dollars on real fur when faux fur is of superior quality? Faux fur slippers are notorious for reducing production costs where real fur would otherwise. Therefore, those who want to cut corners and save money should consider faux clogs as a great way to save money.

6. Better for the planet

If you care about the state of the planet, buying faux fur is a better choice than buying real fur. While faux fur has raised some concerns, killing and collecting animals for their fur is often seen as a poor choice.

For now, faux clogs are the better option for those who want to avoid leaving a negative mark on the planet. As humanity progresses, so do the technologies and means we use to eliminate the potential negative impacts that may arise from the production of products such as faux fur.

7. Easier to find

Finally, many animal rights activists have a strong grip on various industries. This makes it much more difficult to obtain real animal fur than it was 100 years ago. If you want to get your new clogs without too much fuss, faux fur is probably the way to go. You'll save yourself some time and the hassle of finding real fur and confirming that it is indeed real fur.

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